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Being ORGANIZED Makes LIFE Better!

Meet Miriam Bogard, a Professional Organizer servicing Columbus and Central Ohio Communities (614) 203-5098.

CEO/Founder MB Organizers

Meet Columbus Professional Organizer,  Miriam Bogard.  Bogard can be seen throughout the community contributing tips and ideas on television, talk radio, and EXPO events, as well as in many area publications. She is a former organization contributor on Fox 28, "Good Day Columbus" and has spoken at many top home improvement events for Central Ohio, such as AAA's "Travel Expo" and "Best of Fall Home & Garden". If you are looking for organizing strategies and solutions,she's your gal!  Contact us by using the "Ask the Organizer" button below.  Happy Organizing!


Current Happenings- Fall!

I don't know about you, but the change of season, always gives me that "burst of energy" to tackle something new!  I most recently worked on tidying up a clients garage, finding new "homes" for their accessories, and taking on that big challenge to give the cars a "WARM" home for the winter! 

How about you?  Are you in need of a garage "tune-up"?  Did you know that only 15% of the homes that have a two-car garage, actually use them for their cars?  How cool would it be for you not to have to scrape windows anymore!  Go ahead, GIVE US A CALL!  If you are looking for a that extra help, and possibly some serious motivation and accountability, we are here!  Here are a few ideas to consider:


People are more inclined to have more energy and stay organized during daylight, than at night.      

Everyday people spend unnecessary time looking for misplaced items!  

 Why spend time making multiple calls to secure a reliable handyman?  Call us!

The secret of all victory lies in the ORGANIZATION of the non-obvious.  Marcus Aurelius

I have made it my life's mission to work with those clients SERIOUS about making changes to their cluttered lifestyle.  Can you relate?  Are you at that point, READY?  How can we help you?  Give us a call!  I'd love to connect with you!  (614) 203-5098



What sets us apart from all the rest is our EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE.  We CARE about YOU!

Have you ever considered the way a closet LOOKS in correlation with how a person FEELS about life?  Feeling overstuffed and stressed adds weight on our shoulders.  We can help you gain extra TIME in your week!

We provide that " GO-TO " SUPPORT to reduce stress and allow the freedom in life we all dream about.

Life doesn't have to be messy.  We can provide the solutions that help YOU get organized and stay that way!


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